Thursday, March 27, 2008

MNC Wireless Berhad of Malaysia & Cellebrum.Com Limited of India

(left to right) Saket Agarwal, Dilip Modi, N. K. Saxena, Dato' Joseph Salang, Datuk Vincent Lee, Navaid Khan, Jasmine Lee

KUALA LUMPUR, 25th March 2008 – MNC Wireless Berhad (MNC) and India’s Cellebrum.Com Limited announced their newly formed strategic partnership today at a press conference and official signing ceremony at the Le Meridien Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.
The event saw the official announcement of Strategic Partnership that would entail distribution rights, as well as marketing in collaborative areas and co-development between the two market leaders. It will also mark the beginning of a long-term mutual collaboration in the areas of research & development, production, distribution & marketing of digital content and services which includes Mobile Value Added Services (M-VAS), Social Networking Services (SNS), and Digital Advertising Platforms to geographical areas where both parties have market presence.
“Through this move we hope to further solidify business relations between Malaysia and India,and strengthen Malaysia’s reputation in the constantly growing mobile technology arena, while opening up new markets and opportunities for both parties to capitalize on,” stated Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Abdul Kadir Bin Sheikh Fadzir, Chairman of MNC.
One of the main components of this strategic partnership is the appointment of MNC as Limited’s strategic alliance in Malaysia and vice versa, which will allow the MSC status company to market Cellebrum.Com Limited’s mobile platforms, applications, content and services within the country, while expanding its offerings of value added services, mobile solutions and applications to the lucrative Indian market.
“Our focus lies in the key areas of market expansion through strategic partnerships, new business ventures and strategic investments. We will look to harness each other’s strengths in developing new technology, products and services such as digital advertising and SNS services,”said Mr Dilip Modi, Managing Director of Cellebrum.Com Limited.
Mr Dilip Modi added that Cellebrum chose to expand in Malaysia due to its strategic geopositioning in the ASEAN region, which provides substantial access to high growth markets. He said that Malaysia has had a stellar record in generating investor returns and for providing policy & economic support to international businesses.
Cellebrum.Com Limited is a leading provider of Mobile Value Added Services and Solutions to major telecom players and corporations across the globe, is a subsidiary of Spice Corp Ltd. and is part of the Spice Group, a leading business conglomerate in the mobile ecosystem which include Mobile GSM Services, Mobile Devices/Handsets. Telekom Malaysia Berhad recently acquired 39.2% stake in Spice Telecom equity (Spice Telecom is a sister company of Cellebrum.Com Limited and flagship company of the Spice Group).
With a strong base of intellectual capital, joint-venture expertise, global connectivity, proven track record and benchmarks in corporate governance, Cellebrum.Com Limited has redefined its strategy and scope of operations, focussing on enhancing their global presence and has several achievements and success to its credit, having innovated extensively across a whole range of VAS solutions that are technology or service centric, augmenting product & service value to customers through its client telecom service operators. has developed various solutions that include phenomenally successfully models such as Music on Demand (currently India’s largest selling VAS service) with more than a million subscribers.
Cellebrum has also developed other innovative services such as Smart Dial (automated callback service), Call Filter/Call Block, Background Music. It has also developed or in the process of developing solutions such as Mobile Radio, Music Stations, One-Many Chats etc. Cellebrum’s SMS/USSD solutions touch 500 million transactions annually, thereby covering a substantial majority of India’s 250 million mobile subscriber base.
The company’s client base is spread across the entire spectrum of GSM and CDMA Mobile Service operators in India including Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance Mobile, BSNL CellOne, Tata Indicom, Idea Cellular, Aircel, BPL Mobile, MTNL and Spice Telecom. With an evergrowing international client base that includes MTNL Mauritius, Areeba Ghana, Hutch Indonesia among others, the entry into the Malaysian market will only further consolidate Cellebrum’s presence and footprint across the I-To-I region (Iran to Indonesia).