Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cellebrum in talks with the electricity departments of various states

An interesting article appeared in about Cellebrums innovative ‘Electricity Bill via SMS’ application which is going to be the next BIG success story in the telecom industry. Read the entire article here or you can also read the same featured on the following link

Power cut alerts on your mobile
By Bhaskar Hazarika

Monday, June 18, 2007

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Value-added service provider Cellebrum India Pvt. Ltd has come up with an integrated application, which gives mobile phone alerts on load shedding schedules to mobile. This new application, introduced for the first time in the country in Andhra Pradesh, has invited many power companies to integrate this service for other states.
Apart from the alerts, a consumer can access his utility account and also make payments of his bills.
Cellebrums ‘Electricity Bill via SMS’ application, has made its maiden launch with Eastern Power Distribution Company of Andhra Pradesh Limited (EPDCL). However, the company is working on the technical side to launch the integrated payment mode through SMS.
Currently the customers are able to access their electricity accounts through SMS.
Saket Agarwal, COO, Cellebrum, told CyberMedia News that they are working on the mode of payment through SMS. “We are working on it and will carry out the testing on the payment in the second week of July with the power company. This is a first of it kind application through which a consumer is able to pay and check his utility bill.”
He added that it is an integrated application where a consumer can access his power bill account by registering the mobile number with the electricity board.
“There can be two ways of payment of the utility bills one could be done through the credit card and the other through the operator. If the bill is made through the mobile operator, the amount will get reflected on the next month of the mobile bill of the consumer,” he said.
Agarwal informed that this service is available through all service providers as this is an integrated application through the electricity board. “We are also in to talks with many other states for the implementation of this service facilitating the consumers with the easy payment mode.”
He said that Cellebrums application ‘Electricity Bill via SMS’ has been short listed for the annual 2007 Global Mobile Messaging award,
, from among 3,000 global participants.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Onmobile plans Rs 600 cr public issue

Business Standard, Kolkata & Mumbai

Thursday, June 21, 2007

You Can Win

A great book for all those who like to be winners in life...

"Winners don't do different things, they do things differently" this quote is the nucleus of the book ‘You Can Win’ written by the internationally acclaimed author Shiva Khera. It’s a great book to refer to—if you are looking at being successful in life. The book is a simple read (mark of all great books and writers) and provides the reader’s with practical approach to adopt success as a way of life. He helps you explore success in diverse milieu covering—wealth, happiness, peace of mind, recognition and values.

Shiv Khera believes that every human being is unique, but those who dare to be different leave their footprints and examples for future generations to follow. His matra for success in simple and followed world over "winners don't do different things, they do things differently". Shiv Khera wears assorted caps he is an educator, motivator, business consultant, much sought after speaker and successful entrepreneur; being a living proof of all things that he preach in his book.

Handy tips for your journey
Points to keep in mind while reading this fabulous book
  • Lay great emphasis on reading thoroughly the books preface as it’s the key that will assist you in unlocking the gates to wining strategies and ultimately to your path to success.
  • Jot down points that you feel are pertinent for self assessment as there are many an examples.
  • The book is not for educating you (in literal sense); but is more of a guide that helps you understand your flaws and thus remove obstacles form your path to living a successful life.
    Take the flaws that you come across about yourself in your stride; and don’t let them dishearten you.
  • Identifying is the first positive step towards accepting and making positive change.
  • Pursue the ‘Action-Plan’ with complete sincerity.The author has made the book interesting by quoting inspiring and motivating stories; these will help you understand how routine can be changed into an inspiring life.
Some motivating phrases from the book

    On committing errors, winners say “I was wrong” while losers say “it wasn’t my fault”.

    Every success story is also a story of great failure.
    Your attitude contributes to your success.

    So cultivate positive attitude in life; as positive people only think about winning and being the best.

    Don’t ever quit. Integrity and wisdom are essential traits to honour our commitments.Learn from your mistakes; don’t repeat them.

    There is no substitute for hard work.Individuals with high self-esteem will talk about ideas, would have unvarying self-worth, are optimistic, respect others and are always eager to learn.

    Be like a Bumblebee…never limit yourself.

    Don’t ever limit yourself by adopting Crab mentality. Be open-minded.

Essentially the book is trying to illustrate how there are 2 different types of people:

Winners— are people who hate to lose.
Losers—are people who accept failures, sometimes without even trying.

The choice is ours; if being a winner is your mission/goal in life go ahead and read this book and make a positive change in your life.

Wishing all a successful life and hoping success follow you always…

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


My Mobile
Delhi, 18-06-2007

Let a cellphone connect you to a total stranger

Social networking is the buzz word in telecom industry these days, I’m sharing an interesting article on Cellebrum covering services that we provide; read the article for more details...
Mint (HT)
Delhi, 18-06-2007

Cell phones to ring in royalty

Spice Telecom, in association with Cellebrum, is set to launch the content uploader by mid-June. This service will also offer back up to users' data on mobile phones.
With new innovations taking place in the world of mobile phones, value added service provider Cellebrum Pvt. Ltd has come up with a new concept of earning royalty from the creative work on your mobile phone.

Apart from saving mobile phone data online on a personal database, users can earn from their innovative photographs, wallpapers or ringtones.

Saket Agarwal, chief operating officer, Cellebrum, speaks to Bhaskar Hazarika from CyberMedia News on the new innovation. The company is planning to launch this application, in association with Spice Telecom, by mid-June. Excerpts from the exclusive interview:

What is content uploader?

This new service from Cellebrum allows users to take a complete back up of the content on their phone, including contacts, calendar, ringtones, video and other data and restore this data in case their phone is lost. Looking at the growing occurrence of phone theft, upgradation of handsets we saw an opportunity to offer an integrated solution that provides customers with full backup and restore services of mobile contacts, calendar, tasks and other data.The data will be stored in a central repository and maintained by us. It is the choice of the subscriber if he wants a part or whole of the data to be publicly shared with other customers. If the subscriber has created a ringtone or a wallpaper, or shot an exclusive photograph, he can wish to share it an earn royalty on each download. It will be a copyright of the owner and he will ear the royalty from each download being made by other subscribers.

How can a subscriber use this application?

What are the requirements for a subscriber to use this service?He can access his data from his GPRS enabled phone or through his PC by using the Internet. We will provide a user ID and a password, which could be accessed from anywhere across the globe. There is no charge for uploading the data but a subscriber will have to pay for each download they make, which is currently being charged by the operator. However, we will keep it at a competitive price to encourage subscribers to download so that the uploader earns a royalty.

How do you foresee the response of the market to this new application?

Well, we see a huge market, which will drive the user-generated content in this sector. There is a huge demand for content with the easy access to the Internet. The most popular ringtone, Crazy Frog witnessed enthusiastic response from mobile subscribers worldwide. It started in the UK and even made way to the Indian market.This is an application to boost the latent talents of the young minds. This is a community-based service and we are optimistic to receive encouraging response from the market. With majority of subscriber own a camera phone, they can share those exclusive photographs as wallpapers, rest depends on the consumers to decide rate the creativity.

When are you planning to launch this service with Spice Telecom?

Will it be an exclusive offer with Spice?We are closely working with Spice to launch this service. We have integrated the entire billing system and working on the price points. We have already made a soft launch for the Spice offering to 50 subscribers. We will be announcing the commercial launch by mid-June. We are targeting to offer this service to 1000 subscribers.We are currently offering this service with Spice Telecom for the first time and Spice will be the first to launch it. But this service will be offered through other service providers as well. We are already in to talks with the rest of the operators but it is at the early stage of discussion.

Where will be the central repository located and who will maintain it? How can a subscriber be assured that his data is safe?

The central repository will be hosted at two data centers of Sify. The central database will be hosted and maintained by Cellebrum.The subscriber will be given a mail ID and a password, and he will have the choice to make his whole or part of the data public or personal. He can access his data through GPRS from his mobile or through the Internet. The data will be safe and secure as in an email account.

CyberMedia News

Friday, June 15, 2007

Make mobile music, mint some moolah

If you spend a hefty sum on your monthly mobile bill, then this opportunity is designed just for you. You could now use your mobile phone and your creativity to earn some money. Cellebrum, the VAS arm of M-Corp, now plans to pay its consumers royalty fees for ring tones and pictures composed by them if they are downloaded by others users. “We are piloting user-generated content in Punjab and Karnataka. Users can generate their own content and upload it to our data centre. Each such content will be protected through a username and password. On any content that is downloaded the user who generated that content will be paid a royalty. Read the entire article here...

Economic Times
Mumbai and Delhi, 15/6/07

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Emerging Partnership

Interesting read …
Voice and Data, National

Monday, June 11, 2007


An extraordinary book to help boost ones morale and also help perk-up results in both ‘personal and professional life’ a fabulous read, written with great skill and practical examples by Harry Paul.

It’s been a favourite of mine since college days, its very difficult to pin-point exactly why this book is so special, there are so many positive aspects of this simple story, that it would be unfair to choose any 1.

The book ‘Fish!’ helped me create a positive attitude amongst my team and together create a fun and happy workplace. It helped me cope with and understand today’s imperative work issues with a winning allegory. The message of the book is ‘LOUD and CLEAR’ which is relevant any organization, life and general day-to-day life—to be positive…Catch the Energy and Release the Potential!

Here are some key points that the author would like you to remember (and my favourite too):

  • Think Positive/be positive (towards yourself and others/situations)
  • Enjoy your work
  • Increase in productivity (should be your focus in life)
  • Learn to look forward to Mondays
  • The mantra of workers should be, Thank God it's Monday!
  • You can accomplish this if you live the FISH! Manifesto.

What is Fish! Manifesto?

  • As you enter your place of work please choose to make today a great day.
  • Your colleagues, customers, team members, and you yourself will be thankful.
  • Find ways to play.
  • We can be serious about our work without being serious about ourselves.
  • Stay focused in order to be present when your customers and team members most need you.
  • And should you feel your energy lapsing, try this surefire remedy: find someone who needs a helping hand, a word of support, or a good ear—and make their day by offering to HELP.

The book "Fish!" offers astuteness that is easy to grasp and applicable to every business and worker…so what are you waiting for; grab a copy of this business classic and make positive changes…

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Firms fall for cellephone ads

Latest buzz in ‘The’ advertisement world…

Telegraph, Kolkata

Setting the right growth tone

Its ‘advantage—music lovers’ read on to see how….
Business Standard, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi

Time for theme campuses

Economic Times, Bangalore

Friday, June 1, 2007

Cellebrum working on mobile data back-up tool

Beta testing application with Spice Telecom
Archana Venkat

User-friendly tool
When one makes a change on the phone, it is automatically reflected in the stored location.
It also facilitates two-way synchronisation between the device and the Web site in real time.

If you are the sort whose mobile phone wakes you up (alarm clock function) and later helps you cruise through the day (contact list, reminders, Internet, e-mail, music, SMS, phone calls), losing the mobile is a nightmare. But some help is at hand. Cellebrum's `Content Uploader' is an application that duplicates all content on one's mobile phone and stores it at a secure Web site. What is more, every time one makes a change on the mobile phone, it is automatically reflected in the stored location. The reverse is also possible, as the application facilitates two-way synchronisation between the mobile device and the Web site in real time.

Actual procedure
To upload content on to a new phone, one can log into the Web site using one's password and sit back while the new phone is updated at one go. Users can search for contacts via Web, wireless access protocol (WAP), SMS and USSD (a format similar to SMS supported by WAP). "We are beta testing the application with Spice Telecom and will commercially launch it soon. We are also likely to finalise a deal with Spice's handset manufacturers to make this application available on their handsets by default," said Mr Saket Agarwal, Chief Operating Officer, Cellebrum, a mobile value-added services provider. The company is also in talks with other mobile operators for launching the application, he said, without divulging any names. At what price will the application be available to consumers? "It will depend on the charges laid down by mobile operators as ‘Content Uploader’ is mobile operator and circle dependent," he told Business Line.

Other applications
‘Content Uploader’ also has applications that offer database compression, dual downloads (on two phones or a phone-PC combination) and enable download through a friend's phone. Once Indian operations kick off, Cellebrum is planning to launch `Content Uploader' in international markets through its office at Singapore.

Business Daily
Wednesday, May 30, 2007