Monday, July 23, 2007

Cellebrum Standardizes on Envox CT ADE(TM) to Speed Development of Mobile with Services

A must read article on Cellebrum and its innovations; covering in detail the latest developments at Cellebrum that will have a positive impact on the VAS arena.
Westborough, Mass., (ANTARA News/PRNewswire--AsiaNet) - Envox Worldwide, a leading global provider of voice solutions, today announced that Cellebrum, an MCorpGlobal Group company and Asia's leading value-added services provider, has standardized on Envox CT ADE(TM), one of the most widely used interactive voice response (IVR) development tools in the industry. Cellebrum will use Envox CT ADE for the development and deployment of mobile value-added service (VAS) solutions for its service provider customers. Cellebrum chose Envox CT ADE for its rapid development capabilities which provide the company with a competitive advantage that ensures faster deployment of new services and custom developed solutions.Mr. Mark D. Flanagan, president and CEO of Envox Worldwide, said, "To gain a business advantage in one of the largest and most competitive mobile markets in the world, organizations such as Cellebrum must be the first to offer cutting edge solutions that ensure clear differentiation and create new revenue opportunities for their service providers." He added, "We are proud that Cellebrum's team felt that Envox CT ADE provided them with the flexibility and rapid development capabilities required to capitalize on the significant market opportunities they see."Cellebrum used Envox CT ADE to create a series of VAS solutions including voice mail, mobile radio and speech-enabled access to news, stock quotes, sports scores and horoscopes. The company has designed a new and innovative solution, Background Music, which enables users to create their own ambience by playing user-specified songs in the background during a call. Cellebrum has also used Envox CT ADE to develop IVR solutions for downloading games and songs among other items.Mr. Saket Agarwal, COO of Cellebrum, stated, "Developing with Envox CT ADE reduced our service creation time by more than 80 percent, and time-to-market is vital in the highly competitive market in which we operate. Further, utilizing Envox CT ADE enables us to concentrate on creating innovative solutions that leverage new standards and emerging technologies rather than expending resources to remain abreast of the current technologies. This has enabled us to consistently offer fresh and innovative services and contribute to the growth of the VAS industry overall."By using Envox CT ADE as the development tool for its VAS solutions, Cellebrum has been able to slash development time by 80 percent. Envox CT ADE offers a host of utilities that have enabled Cellebrum to create and deploy voice applications more efficiently than was possible with traditional APIs. In addition, it provides integration for advanced speech recognition technologies and handles the wide range of telephony protocols found at customer sites including ISDN, VoIP, SS7, R2 and more. Cellebrum has leveraged these capabilities to quickly and cost-effectively launch its VAS solutions. Additionally, they have been able to cut the time needed to regionalize their solutions by about 60 percent.Today, Cellebrum handles over 15 million calls per month with Envox-based solutions. These new services have increased its revenues by up to 60 percent and the rapid time-to-market has enabled Cellebrum to achieve its ROI in less than one month.For more information about Envox CT ADE, or to download an evaluation version of the tool, please visit http:/
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