Thursday, July 24, 2008

One Small Step Can Change Your Life

KAIZEN—a way of LIFE

We have recently introduced KAIZEN in our company; I’m also a great supporter of KAIZEN as I believe in the old adage “Change is the only constant in life”. KAIZEN is the tool that advocates change and helps all keep in step with it.

At Cellebrum Technologies Limited we constantly strive towards perfection. Special care is taken to always try to make things better in every aspect (both personal and professional) on a daily basis, as we believe that to move towards perfection one needs to continuously evolve by simple endeavours daily.

So the book review and why I chose to select this particular book should come as no surprise.

Book Review...

One Small Step Can Change Your Life by Robert Maurer introduces us to the practical aspects of KAIZEN principles applicable in one’s daily life. The book also shows us how to make big change by taking little steps using Kaizen approach.

Ingrained in the two thousand-year-old wisdom of Tao Te Ching "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" Kaizen is the art of making great and lasting change through small, steady increments.
The book shows how one can easily yet at the same time with an persuasive attitude can effect positive change. The book begins with outlining the much-repeated role that “FEAR” plays in all types of change and how Kaizen can outwit it.

Dr. Maurer then goes on to explain the 7 Small/Significant Steps (that can make a real difference in our life):

  1. How to Think Small Thoughts
  2. Take Small Actions
  3. Solve Small Problems
  4. Mind sculpture--visualizing virtual change so that real change comes more naturally
  5. How to perform
  6. Why small rewards motivate better than big rewards
  7. How great discoveries are made by paying attention to the little details most of us overlook

Dr. Maurer believes that the human brain enjoys questions and also problem solving so instead of "taking the leap" and "facing your fears" the book advocates asking small questions about oneself. This book is essentially about getting from ground zero to step 1, or from complete inertia—zero momentum to getting the ball rolling especially when making a change in ones life.

This is an excellent book for all who are willing to try a new approach for improving there life. An easy read for a weekend or while travelling…real life examples make this book quite practical.

Many other examples of Kaizen at work are listed in the book. But to read those you would need to make a small change in your schedule—that is to go and pick up this wonderful book and read it thoroughly and to adopt its ideas in your life.


  1. Sir,

    Thank you for recommending this book. I am curious about do you really find time to read them. My personal opinion to make changes in life comes for the very fact that how reciprocative your immediate surroundings and attitude of people is. For example we find changes in the behaviour of people when they react to different environments around them. In a legal hearing at courts, outside an operation theatre in hospital, while in a long distance flight, while in the Income tax office. To conclude my learning is the One step I have taken to blog with you can definitely change my life in a sense that you how reciprocative your articles and comments can matter to me.

    Vinod Agarwal - Believes in taking One step at a time.

  2. Dear Vinod,

    One always finds time for things one feels passionately about; so the answer is YES I take out time to read books (as apposed to get time). Immediate surroundings and attitude of people should make a difference to ones life only when they are positive.

    It’s great to know that you follow up with the blog posts and what’s more heartening is—that it makes a difference to you. So keep sharing your thoughts.

    Best regards,