Monday, February 26, 2007

SMS Remains Vanilla, Still Number One VAS

Nothing as yet has been able to replace SMS from numero uno position in the VAS space. But what for sure is the surprise factor is that nobody ever gave thought to add some Zing in the messaging!!

What-ever way, messaging started with, continues... Compose a SMS, send to one or multiple contacts and receive back the delivery notification...

Has anybody ever tried to find solution to a situation where SMS is not delivered??? You keep waiting with no reason ever provided for minutes to hours at times...? (ever got any such in voice calling? No. You hear either - number busy or switched off or out of coverage or even number does not exist...) Poor SMS.. SMSC vendors never cared for this ??

How about some Colour in SMS? Some efforts have been made for high end phones, but how about legacy phones.. which constitutes over 50% of the market and would continue to for times to come..

Simplicity of telegram on SMS? Why not? When it has been found over 50% communication is short and sweet, limited to predefined message.. Templates are too tough to teach uninitiated, has to be operator communicated, in easy to understand language!!

Invite debate and would make them available!!

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