Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Google Story

By David A. Vise is an absolute favourite.
The book takes you on a voyage; where you discover (the very basics)—how ‘Google’became one of the most successful organisations in the world.
Also answers the BIG ?
How/Why they still remain right on THE TOP.
Must read for visionaries!

Still not
convinced—Ok; well here are few more reasons to read this great book; this is what the ‘Movers and Shakers’ of the literary world say about the book:

The New York Times

"[The authors] do a fine job of recounting Google's rapid rise and explaining its search business."

Harvard Business Review

"An intriguing insider view of the Google culture."

Baltimore Sun

"The most detailed account of [Google's] spectacular rise".


"If its plot you want, not page rank statistics, [The Google Story] is the best offering so far."

Houston Chronicle

"Fascinating...meticulous...never bogs down".

The New York Review of Books

"A[n] excellent history"

Link; you can order for this fabulous book here:

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