Friday, June 1, 2007

Cellebrum working on mobile data back-up tool

Beta testing application with Spice Telecom
Archana Venkat

User-friendly tool
When one makes a change on the phone, it is automatically reflected in the stored location.
It also facilitates two-way synchronisation between the device and the Web site in real time.

If you are the sort whose mobile phone wakes you up (alarm clock function) and later helps you cruise through the day (contact list, reminders, Internet, e-mail, music, SMS, phone calls), losing the mobile is a nightmare. But some help is at hand. Cellebrum's `Content Uploader' is an application that duplicates all content on one's mobile phone and stores it at a secure Web site. What is more, every time one makes a change on the mobile phone, it is automatically reflected in the stored location. The reverse is also possible, as the application facilitates two-way synchronisation between the mobile device and the Web site in real time.

Actual procedure
To upload content on to a new phone, one can log into the Web site using one's password and sit back while the new phone is updated at one go. Users can search for contacts via Web, wireless access protocol (WAP), SMS and USSD (a format similar to SMS supported by WAP). "We are beta testing the application with Spice Telecom and will commercially launch it soon. We are also likely to finalise a deal with Spice's handset manufacturers to make this application available on their handsets by default," said Mr Saket Agarwal, Chief Operating Officer, Cellebrum, a mobile value-added services provider. The company is also in talks with other mobile operators for launching the application, he said, without divulging any names. At what price will the application be available to consumers? "It will depend on the charges laid down by mobile operators as ‘Content Uploader’ is mobile operator and circle dependent," he told Business Line.

Other applications
‘Content Uploader’ also has applications that offer database compression, dual downloads (on two phones or a phone-PC combination) and enable download through a friend's phone. Once Indian operations kick off, Cellebrum is planning to launch `Content Uploader' in international markets through its office at Singapore.

Business Daily
Wednesday, May 30, 2007


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