Monday, April 13, 2009

Catalysts of Growth

In: The Economic Times
New Delhi, 7th April, 2009



  1. "you commit what you can deliver and deliver what you've committed' and it has always helped me deliver great results and build lasting professional and personal relationships. Have desires, dreams and goals and be a team-player because everyone today seeks one."
    I intend to follow this.

  2. Dear Victor,

    Thanks; I'm sure following this dictum will benefit you immensely in both personal & professional life.

    For me it has proved to be my “success mantra” may it be yours too.


  3. Thanks for your wishes. I can see why it can be critical factor to drive success. Our lives are a sum of our relations, our interactions, and our presence in the society. Success to a great extent depends on the manner we form relationships with others. And, this credo is the best way to lay the foundations of lasting relationships.

    Thanks once again.