Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cellebrum in talks with the electricity departments of various states

An interesting article appeared in about Cellebrums innovative ‘Electricity Bill via SMS’ application which is going to be the next BIG success story in the telecom industry. Read the entire article here or you can also read the same featured on the following link

Power cut alerts on your mobile
By Bhaskar Hazarika

Monday, June 18, 2007

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Value-added service provider Cellebrum India Pvt. Ltd has come up with an integrated application, which gives mobile phone alerts on load shedding schedules to mobile. This new application, introduced for the first time in the country in Andhra Pradesh, has invited many power companies to integrate this service for other states.
Apart from the alerts, a consumer can access his utility account and also make payments of his bills.
Cellebrums ‘Electricity Bill via SMS’ application, has made its maiden launch with Eastern Power Distribution Company of Andhra Pradesh Limited (EPDCL). However, the company is working on the technical side to launch the integrated payment mode through SMS.
Currently the customers are able to access their electricity accounts through SMS.
Saket Agarwal, COO, Cellebrum, told CyberMedia News that they are working on the mode of payment through SMS. “We are working on it and will carry out the testing on the payment in the second week of July with the power company. This is a first of it kind application through which a consumer is able to pay and check his utility bill.”
He added that it is an integrated application where a consumer can access his power bill account by registering the mobile number with the electricity board.
“There can be two ways of payment of the utility bills one could be done through the credit card and the other through the operator. If the bill is made through the mobile operator, the amount will get reflected on the next month of the mobile bill of the consumer,” he said.
Agarwal informed that this service is available through all service providers as this is an integrated application through the electricity board. “We are also in to talks with many other states for the implementation of this service facilitating the consumers with the easy payment mode.”
He said that Cellebrums application ‘Electricity Bill via SMS’ has been short listed for the annual 2007 Global Mobile Messaging award,
, from among 3,000 global participants.